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Make the most of our business experienced IT consultants and field engineers for your business growth.

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RKE has its aim in aspirations for the digital future. Imagine a safer world due to big data analysis and machine learning benefits. The world with easily scalable ERP and CRM systems that any company can afford and maintain. Your projects can be standalone or integrated worldwide. RKe will manage all of them with maximum care and using all applicable innovations. Your future of digital transformation starts here.

System integration

Build up scalable and extendable solutions to help the customers all over the world. Ask our experts about integrations and start a new life for your systems.

Business Investigation

Always wanted to know the possible deviations or the consequences of resolving business problems in different ways? Now it's our responsibility to give you a helping hand and do all the investigations.

Real Time Processing

Developing high load systems with proper scalability and real time data processing for your business needs.

Real Time Decision Management

When the safety, speed and efficiency matters it all comes to reat-time decisions. Manage them with reliable software that RKe can do for you.

Decision Management

Decision management systems are designed to supply a variety of complex businesses and cases. Explore more with our experts.

Visual Analytics

There are dozens of ways to present your data and we can do it the most suitable way for our customers with the full range of analytics.

Machine Learning modelling

Explore the capabilities of ML modeling process, enabling our customers to focus on their data and the data's significance.

Data Management

Data management helps decision-makers to understand what is important at any moment, make right decisions consistently and save money.

Anti-Money Laundry solutions

Integrate best business practices and IT solutions to help financial institutions to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Anti-Fraud Management Solution

We can build a solutions that will detect, prevent and manage fraud enterprisewide in real time.

Software development

Software development is the engine that drives all other services and plays the most when getting things done. The development processes at RKe are well defined and proven over the years, from waterfall to agile methodologies.

Software development

Robotics Applications

Combining the power of robotic systems with great ideas. Control a sure part of our future.

Robotics Applications
Robotics Applications

AI & Machine Learning

Develop your neural networks that will bring your business to new heights with all its capabilities unleashed.

Advanced Analytics

The deeper analytics systems are used the more effect is gained. Developing a safer and more efficient world together.

Robotics Applications
Robotics Applications

Internet of Things (IoT)

Helping your business to integrate legacy systems with new ones, to reduce time for operation and support by bringing their information right under the operation team fingertips.

Customer Intelligence

Find more profitable growth opportunities and amplify your marketing initiatives with customer intelligence solutions by RKe.

Robotics Applications
Robotics Applications

Data Management

Take advantages from data management technologies and processes to deliver accurate and reliable data to support decisions and day-to-day operations.

Risk Management

Foresee the risks is a part of every project. RKe always pays much attention to that and can assist in your projects in this area as well.

Robotics Applications
Robotics Applications

Fraud & Security Intelligence

Using intelligence principles in your organisation's approach to fraud, risk, and security issues. Turn raw data into vital intelligence.


Blockchain RKe provides Blockchain development of Cryptocurrencies, Private and Public Blockchain, Smart Contracts and DApps. Follow Blockchain world full of innovations.

Robotics Applications

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