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Started from Telecom industry RKe participated in many projects from other areas so we're proud to say a word as for each of them here.


We supply big data analysis for the automobile industry. SAP driven data processing, ERP, CRM, marketing and other solutions.  


  Finance solutions for banking area. Java and .Net driven development with the full cycle of post-production support and security.  

Capital Market

Investments, funds, and stock exchanges. Developing systems together we can prove the more ventured, the more gained.


From messengers to Telecom solutions. Making the world parts closer and well communicated.

Consumer Goods

Systems for retail and shipping. Supplying all the chain of sales and delivery. Manage all to higher results.

Defense & Security

Ultimate solutions in defense and security area that help customers feel safe and secure.


Covering different government initiatives by the systems that help to control the progress, achievements and impact gained.


Reliable healthcare systems for hospitals, private doctors and volunteers to supply daily needs. As well as big data analysis in healthcare.

Higher Education

Systems to conduct the education process and manage schedule, programs, courses, students, teachers, external contractors, vendors, and many other aspects.


Booking, supply chains, CRM and other systems to make the hotel business easily manageable.


Automate your services that help people get protection from financial loss and increase your customers base.


Modeling and control systems for manufacturing companies. Manage your processes easily and reliably.

Oil & Gas

Natural resources mining automation and management. Specializing in oil and gas industry as started in Saudi market.


Retail challenges are not the ones anymore when it comes to automation. From logistics and warehouse to marketing and consumers loyalty.


Sports events, team management, progress tracking, conducting competitions and other sports areas to automate,

Travel & Transportation

Rapid growth in travelling sector causes transportation growth so tracking systems and travel services are of a huge demand.


A vaiety of tools and utilities that help their customers in their daily routines or specific tasks.

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